Car Wash Pack and Additional Services

Maintain your car with a thorough car wash and quick interior cleaning. We also provide engine shampoos and odor removals with ozone and chlorine based odor bombs.

Car Wash Package

(Returning customers only)

from $49-79

(1-2 hours)

  • Hot water soft hand car wash

  • Light interior vacuum

  • Rubber floor mats cleaned and washed

  • Wipe down of interior

  • Streak free cleaning of windows

  • Rim and tire cleaning

  • Tire shine

Wash and Wax

from $149

(2-4 hours)

Get your car summer ready with a fresh coat of wax. With a thorough cleanse of the paint, we hand apply high grade Carnauba Wax to restore the luster and depth of your vehicles finish.

  • Power cleaning of exterior paint

  • Fall-out remover, clay bar and solvent cleanse of exterior to remove contaminants, bug, tar, sap, and over-spray

  • Re-rinsing of exterior to remove loosened contaminants

  • Hand waxing of vehicle with high grade Carnauba Wax

  • Wheel and tire cleaning

  • Tire dressing

  • Streak free cleaning of windows

  • Add engine clean for

Ozone Treatment


(8 hours minimum)

Remove odors with ozone treatment. Smoke, mold, mildew, and other foul odors will disappear leaving your car smelling great again. $50 when combined with a detailing service.

Removes odor quickly with an odor bomb for the interior.

Rapid Odor Eliminator Bomb


(2-4 hours)

  • Includes car wash package

  • De-greasing and cleaning of engine bay

  • Light dressing of engine bay to restore original color and shine

Engine Shampoo

from $69

(1-2 hours)

  • Required once a year for ceramic coated vehicles to maintain warranty

  • Thorough inspection of coating (if service is not needed then a car wash package will be charged)

  • Chemically decontaminate paint (Tar, Sap, Iron, etc.)

  • Apply Ceramic Rejuvenating Spray on paint, windows, and plastic (Reactivates Hydrophobic Behavior)

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash

from $199