Certified Vancouver CeramicPro Installer


We are now a certified installer for Ceramic Pro. This is a professional line of ceramic coatings that we offer that is different from our regular consumer grade coatings. This new auto detailing is longer lasting, easier to maintain, has enhanced gloss, and has longer durability compared to carnauba waxes or paint sealants. Measure protection in years and not months. Never wax or polish your car again. Our Gold, Silver , Bronze , and Other packages ensure that you pick the coating that's right for you.

Ceramic Pro will be shown on CarFax and has a transferable warranty to the next owner.


Gold Package

Lifetime Warranty

Starting at $1499+tax

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Nano Primer
  • 4 layers of “Ceramic Pro 9H” (as paint protection on all painted surfaces)
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro 9H” on all exterior plastics
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Light” (hydrophobic top coat)
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Rain” on all windows
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper” on rim faces & exhaust tips

The best package for your brand new car. Protect your investment for life of the vehicle and seal that new car look.

Silver Package

5 year warranty

Starting at $899+tax

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Nano Primer
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro 9H” (as paint protection on all painted surfaces)?
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro 9H” on all exterior plastics
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Light” (hydrophobic top coat)
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Rain” on all windows
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper” on rim faces & exhaust tips

Great package for lease vehicles or for people who have ever changing taste for cars. Technology in cars change quickly, and you'll want the latest for your next car. Invest in 5 years of protection for your vehicle.

Bronze Package

2 year warranty

Starting at $599+tax

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Nano Primer
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Light” (hydrophobic top coat)
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Light” on all exterior plastics
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Rain” on all windows
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper” on rim faces & exhaust tips

Sport Package

6 month warranty

Starting at $349+tax

  • 2 layers of “Ceramic Pro Sport” on all painted surfaces & exterior plastics

Test out a strong temporary Ceramic Coating for your vehicle if you're not sure if coating your vehicle is right for you. Experience the ease of maintenance and enhanced gloss no carnauba wax or paint sealant can give you.

Interior Package

2 year warranty

Starting at $599+tax

  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Leather” on all high traffic leather surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Textile” on all high traffic suede & alcantara surfaces

Keep those white, tan, or red leathers staying new and dye free. Leather coating will help resist dye transfer and spills while keeping maintenance super easy. Grab a wet hot towel and wipe away any transfer that may have gotten on there and you're done. Spills on fabric will be repelled and not soak into the fabric.

Wheel Package


  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper on the front and backside of the rim

Heavy brake dust won't stand a chance against a strong wheel coating. Cleaning the inside of your wheels will become a joy instead of a struggle.

Window Package


  • 2 layer of “Ceramic Pro Rain” on all glass surfaces

Increase visibility in Vancouver weather during our rainy months (when is it never??).

Extra Layer of 9H (applicable to Gold Packages only)


  • 1 extra layer of 9H


Ceramic Pro Coating for Automobiles

When dirt, water droplets and other particles reduce the beauty of a vehicle and make it look way older than it actually is, makes vehicle owners look for ways to not only protect the outside of their vehicles but to also increase the beauty.

Ceramic pro coating is a form of liquid polymer which when applied to the exterior of your vehicle bonds chemically with the vehicle’s factory paint to offer an additional layer of protection for your vehicle.

This additional layer of protection is semi-permanent and makes the vehicle surface more resilient and easier to clean.

Benefits of Ceramic Pro Coating

The benefits that come from using ceramic pro coating on your vehicle are numerous. Some of them are:

  1. Protection from Ultraviolent Rays

    The rays from the sunlight have a way of reacting with your vehicle’s paint to cause a subtle oxidation reaction that leaves your vehicle looking faded and very dull to look at.

    Using Ceramic pro coating ensures this doesn’t happen by forming a second layer of protection over your vehicle.

  2. Protection from Chemical Stains

    Naturally occurring acidic contaminants such as carbon monoxide can stick to your vehicle surface and ruin the physical appearance of your vehicle. The additional layer formed over your vehicle makes it impossible for these chemicals to bond with your vehicle’s factory paint. With the ceramic coating giving your vehicle extra resistance, you do not have to worry about staining or etching.

  3. Increased Gloss

    The ceramic pro coating is designed not only to offer protections from UV rays and chemical stains, but to also to give your vehicle a good deal of shine. With the application of the ceramic pro coating, your vehicle is guaranteed a gloss that adds more depth to your vehicle’s paint.

  4. Easy to Clean

    Apart from the properties mentioned above, the ceramic pro coating also allows for easy cleaning and washing of your vehicle. The ceramic coating is designed to be hydrophobic which literally translates to “hates water”. So, while cleaning your vehicle, the coating compels the water beads to slide off upon making contact with the vehicle.

The Low Environmental Impact of Ceramic Pro Coating

The world’s leading testing bodies such as SGS (Standard Global Services) and IMO (International Maritime Organization) have both conducted intensive testing on the ceramic pro coating and declared it as organotin free as well as an anti-foul coating. This means the ceramic pro coating has very low impact on the environment.

Differences Between Ceramic Pro and Other Types Of Automobile Coating

Other forms of automobile coating go half way into protecting a vehicle’s paint and giving a little bit of shine. But with the ceramic pro, the benefits are endless.

Between the ceramic pro and other forms of coating, the differences are:

  • Durability

    While other types of coating can only last for months, ceramic pro can last for years. In fact, it is estimated that the ceramic pro can last for at least 5 years. The ceramic pro has a strength that is rated at “9H” which is the highest level of mineral hardness on the scale. This means 5 years of not having to worry too much about maintenance.

  • More protection

    The ceramic pro because of its Nano technological properties can offer your vehicle more protection from UV rays, chemicals, scratch, and dirt, way more than regular coating would.

  • Extra Gloss

    Unlike regular automobile coating, the ceramic pro offers a form of gloss that is better experienced than told.

  • Hydrophobic Properties

    Ceramic pro is a “water-repellant” coating. It has a high-water contact angle which ensures water, dirt, and mud slides off the surface of your vehicle on contact with the coating. This is something you won’t get with other automobile coating.