Burnaby's Premier Auto Detailing Care Centre

Here at Tiago's Auto Spa (formerly known as Showroom Auto Spa), we understand the importance of maintaining the appearance and condition of your vehicle. We provide excellent service together with quality products to enhance your vehicles appearance and help it maintain that showroom shine.

We offer an extensive variety of car detailing services ranging from hand car washes, fabric shampoo, interior detailing, paint and fabric protection, exterior detailing, cut polishing, and waxing. We can even create custom packages catered just for you and your vehicle.

Auto Detailing

Most car owners only take their cars for cash wash or just their cars themselves. While a simple car wash is useful when you want to get rid of some grime on the outside of your car, as well as the interior if you clean the inside of your car, an auto detailing takes this process much further and deeper.

What is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing, also known as car detailing, involves carrying out of in-depth cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle, to create an exceptionally quality cleanliness and polish. Basically, it has to do with a top-to-bottom thorough cleaning of your vehicle using specialized tools and products.

Although a detailer may also carry out some light cosmetic touch-ups, the process does not involve paintwork or body repairs. Auto detailing essentially restores the paintwork of your vehicle as it eliminates scratches or swirl marks. It makes your vehicle to become almost brand new like it was when you first bought it.

What is the difference between car detailing and car washing?

Car washes usually take between ten and twenty minutes to go from washing to drying. It can be done by hand or by machines. Mainly, it involves running bristles, soap, and water to clean your car’s exterior. However, car detailing is more involved, as the name suggests. Car detailing generally entails cleaning and reconditioning the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing has to do with cleaning, and either restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car's finish (usually a paint with a glossy finish), chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, along with other visible components on a vehicle's exterior. Different detailing products and methods are used, based on the vehicle's surface type and condition, or the detailer's preference. These products include detergents and acid free degreasers (to break down dirt and soil), detail clay (to eradicate embedded contaminates), waxes, shines, and polishes (to resurface and then enhance reflectivity, or to give the tires a shine), as well as different applicators, brushes, and drying towels.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing, also known as cabin detailing, has to do with a deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin for hygenic benefits. The interiors include different materials, such as synthetic carpet upholstery, leather, vinyl, carbon fibre composites, different natural fibres, plastics, and so on. This detailing which requires the use of various cleaning products and methods, such as: standard vacuuming and steam cleaning with liquid and foam chemicals to eradicate upholstery stains with brushes. To give your interior detail that quality finish some nonporous surfaces may also be polished.

Benefit of Auto Detailing

A major benefit is the improvement of your vehicle value. When you keep your car in good condition, you will be able to maintain the value of the car, especially for classic cars. When an old car has a good value and is in a good shape, you can easily sell it off to get a new car. While a car wash cannot give you the kind of improved vehicle value necessary to make your car look outstanding and attractive, good auto detailing can. With a good auto detailing, your car can regain its original beauty as well as increase its resale vehicle value by at least 10-15%. So if you want to see the original value of your car restored or you want to increase the value of your car, then auto detailing is the best option for you.


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CeramicPro Certified 

Tiago's Auto Spa is now a CeramicPro certified auto detailing facility with the highest standards in Burnaby. CeramicPro is a professional line of ceramic coatings that we offer that is different from our regular consumer grade coatings. Longer lasting, easier maintenance, enhanced gloss, and longer durability compared to carnauba waxes or paint sealants. Measure protection in years and not months. Never wax or polish your car again.


Visit our CeramicPro page for more details.