exterior detail packages (polishing, paint correction, waxing)

Give the exterior of your car a thorough cleaning and restoration of its gloss. Permanent removal of swirls and minor scratches (scratches that you can't feel with your fingernail) and hand application of Carnauba Wax for the best shine and protection.

Starting prices are for smaller vehicles (Smart Car, Miata, Cayman, etc). Prices vary based on vehicle size and condition (children, pet hair, mold, etc). Final price given upon vehicle assessment.



from $199

(4-6 hours)

This package is suited for newer cars or lightly scratched and swirled paint to bring the maximum shine back to its original state.

  • Full hand wash of exterior

  • Fall-out remover, clay bar, and solvent cleanse of exterior to remove contaminants, bug, tar, and tree sap

  • Re-rinsing of exterior to remove loosened contaminants

  • 1 stage polish to remove any minor scratches and swirl marks

  • Hand waxing of vehicle with high grade Carnauba Wax

  • Wheel and tire cleaning

  • Tire dressing and conditioning

  • Cleaning and buffing of windows

Cut Polish


from $329

(5-7 hours)

This package consists of a cutting stage with a compound and a polishing stage to finish. Safely removing and permanently correcting heavily swirled and scratched paint to restore it to that showroom finish.

  • 3 stage paint correction to remove any medium to deep scratches and swirl marks

  • Hand application of high grade Carnauba Wax to lock in the finish of your paint

  • Add $50 for darker vehicles

Wet Sanding

(deep scratches and orange peel removal)

(∞ hours)

Using fine grade sand paper and sanding discs (2500-5000 grit), we remove deeper scratches, random isolated deep scratches, and orange peel from repainted panels. Very deep scratches that cannot be removed will look much smoother and less visible. Price will vary depending on severity of defect(s) in paint, amount of sanding required, and time required.