Interior Detail

For our Interior Detail Package, we thoroughly clean and revitalize your interior and give your exterior a detailed hand wash.


Luxury hand wash

First we loosen the dirt and grime on the exterior with a pre-rinse solution. We then foam the exterior to further loosen the dirt and grime. A thorough rinse after and we foam the exterior again to give it lubrication while we hand wash your vehicle with our microfiber wash mitts.


Interior Detailing

We get into all nooks and cranny's with our brushes and air guns to remove all dirt and dust in hard to reach places. Vents cup holders, side pockets, buttons and switches, and everything in between, we thoroughly clean and sanitize. We vacuum out every surface and also give the headliner a dry shampoo cleaning.



After the full detailing of the interior, we spray our shampoo solution on to the seats (if applicable) and carpets. We agitate the surfaces prior to our hot water shampooing. With hot water, our cleaning solution, and strong suction from the shampoo machine, we give your seats and carpets the cleaning they need.